2023 में Gold Investment के 2 बड़े फ़ायदे!

Benefits of gold investment – Gold BIS hallmark new rules explained in hindi. We will also talk about Electronic Gold Receipts, gold BIS number, how to use BIS care app, and HUID hallmarking process in gold.
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About the Video
Gold is one of the most favourite investments in India. Be it in the form of gold jewellery, gold coins/biscuits, or e-gold. In Budget 2023, the Government of India had introduced 2 major changes to gold investment. 1. Purity of gold, and 2. Capital gains tax on gold. We’ll talk about them in great detail in this video.
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a Govt department has introduced a Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number that allows to verify whether a piece of gold is actually hallmarked or not. There are 3 parameters to this. You can check whether the gold you have is BIS hallmark gold or not by logging onto the BIS care app and typing in your HUID number to verify. We will also talk about EGRs or Electronic Gold Receipts – that is basically e-gold in demat account. There have been changes in the taxation of EGRs and physical gold – as discussed in the video.
In this video, we’ll cover the following questions:
1. Gold investing for beginners.
2. Benefits of gold investment in hindi.
3. What is gold BIS number?
4. BIS hallmark new rules in detail.
5. HUID gold kya hota hai?
6. BIS HUID verify process.
7. What is HUID number?
8. What are electronic gold receipts?
9. 18 carat gold vs 22 carat gold.
10. E gold kya hai?
11. How to hallmark gold?
12. Demat account se gold kaise kharide?
13. BIS care app kya hai?
14. BIS care app kaise use kare?
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“Asset Yogi” Presenting Video – 2023 में Gold Investment के 2 बड़े फ़ायदे! ,

2023 में Gold Investment के 2 बड़े फ़ायदे!

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