How Mercury Turning Direct Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope And Relationships Until March 2019, According To Astrology

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If we focus on everything that’s wrong, we’ll forget to notice what’s right.

On December 6th, Mercury will end his retrograde in Scorpio before slowing moving into Sagittarius, asking all of us to look ahead and prepare to let the past go as we move into the future. Mercury is the planet that governs our communication and internal processing, so while in retrograde not only can we experience difficulties but we also feel the need to be more introspective and review matters in our lives.

But when Mercury turns direct, it’s time for action, taking everything we’ve observed and learned, and putting it to use as we make plans for our future. That means zodiac sign and love horoscope will face certain challenges.

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Luckily, Mercury won’t retrograde again until March of 2019, so this forward-thinking energy will be around for a few months before we have to worry about plans being stalled once again.

Mercury, otherwise known as the trickster planet for his ability to mess up even the most confident among us during his unpredictable retrograde phase, will turn direct in the deep water sign of Scorpio, inviting us to plunge below the depths and gain greater understanding. Scorpio is a darker sign, one that governs secrets and taboo subjects like intimacy, relationship and money issues, and those subjects that we usually have a difficult time opening up about.

The thing with Scorpio is that while these subjects may be off the table for some, he actually delves headfirst into them. He’s not intimidated by the darkness or intensity and wades through the subconscious rather than prefer that it simply doesn’t exist.

What was so interesting about this retrograde is that it began the day Venus turned direct, so our sigh of relief was only short lived. While we felt some relief that Venus had ended her journey to bring upheaval to our relationships, we realized that Mercury now wanted us to spend about three weeks thinking about things before we actually made any moves.

During the Venus retrograde, the planet that governs love, which began back in early October, our relationships were put through the tests and new truths were uncovered in order to try to bring greater balance and harmony to unions with those we love the deepest. However, sometimes we need time to process, time to think, time to review, and time to not mess things up even more.

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