Learn To Trust Again, By Your Zodiac Sign

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Learning to trust again is vital for our happiness.

There is nothing quite as painful as the feeling that consumes us when we learn that we’ve been betrayed. It’s usually someone close to us who can make us feel that way. And that’s the worst part.

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Trust is such a fragile thing that when it breaks. It shatters our confidence in humans along with it. The problem is that we can’t have a fulfilling life if mistrust is a more familiar feeling to us than is trust. Studies have shown that our relationships with others give meaning to our lives. And it makes sense since healthy relationships contribute to our emotional well-being.

But how can your horoscope help you to foster healthy and positive relationships if we can’t even trust the other person?

It is very easy to lose faith in people once someone close to you has broken your trust. And you might start believing that this newfound belief that we should start every relationship with a general mistrust is smart, even healthy.

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