Siblings Who Will Never Be Friends, By Zodiac Sign

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No matter how hard they try, these zodiac siblings will never bond.

Some zodiac signs can be friends with just about everyone. Whether it’s their siblings, people they have just met, or total strangers, there are few zodiac signs who can make a connection with anyone they meet.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are also zodiac signs who have a hard time getting along with everyone. Not only are they not the type of people to strike up a conversation with a stranger or consider someone they just met a friend, but it’s hard for them to even connect with their own family, namely their siblings.

It doesn’t matter if they are practically the same age as their siblings, or if they have a lot in common, some zodiac signs will never be close with their family. I have been lucky enough to be close with my sister now, but it didn’t come without fighting with each other for years, like all siblings do, before we became friends.

Growing up, your parents probably told you that you had to be nice to your siblings. Even when they stole things out of your room after you told them not to touch your stuff, and even when you couldn’t find anything in common, you probably heard at least once or twice that you had to at least try to get along.

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