What Each Zodiac Sign Should Do During Scorpio Horoscope And Astrology Dates

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Scorpio Season last from October 23 to November 22.

By Lisa Marie Basile

As a Scorpio, I’m here to advise you: Come closer. Closer. This is the one time of year, Scorpio Season (horoscope dates Oct. 23 to Nov. 22), when getting a little closer and looking a little deeper is, in some ways, inevitable. 

This dark, sensual, and intense season — and the Scorpio herself — is all about transformation, sloughing off the dead skin and growing a new layer. It’s a time to let the darkness engulf you, trusting that the murky pool you leap into will not let you drown. 

Because Scorpio is a water zodiac sign, it makes sense that its depth is felt during the time of year when we celebrate holidays like Dia de Los Muertos, Halloween, or All Souls Day. The October-November arch is a time of great depth and reflection. It is the time when the veil has thinned, leaving but a glint of silky dark film to peer through to see the other side. This is a time of ancestral work, when we process old traumas, move through old wounds, embrace our mortality, and light candles for the dead. 

In essence, it’s HEAVY doses of self-care!

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