Why Your Parents God Married, Per Astrology

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Organized finances can be pretty attractive.

People fall in and out of love every day.

In astrology, there are traits in zodiac signs that when they meet the right person, it’s natural that they would fall in love and get married. 

As the old saying goes you don’t get to choose your family. We all just sort of end up where the universe put us.

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Every family is different and they all have their quirks and dysfunctions and then, of course, there’s always that one family member. 

As kids we get a front row seat to a special kind of dysfunction, it’s called our parents’ marriage. One moment they backing each other up teaming up against you, that little thing they like to call “a united front” and the next minute they’re not on speaking terms. Suddenly you’re the new message delivery system.

Living under the same roof also gives you the backstage pass you never wanted. Watching your parent’s ping-pong through life can sometimes make you wonder why they ever got married in the first place. 

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