Battlegrounds Mobile India has become extremely popular since the ban was lifted, attracting new players with exciting updates, themes, rewards, and events. For those looking to improve their gameplay, beginners can follow some key tips. First, make smart loots by ensuring you have the right weapons and supplies. Always stay behind cover to avoid being spotted by enemies and follow their movements to catch them first. Keep an eye on the map and prioritize reviving team members in squad play. By practicing these tips and using BGMI redeem codes for freebies, players can improve their gameplay and become a pro player.

BGMI tips for beginners: Know how to play smart and win on the battleground – Detail Points

– Battlegrounds Mobile India has gained immense popularity after the ban was lifted
– Major updates to the game have attracted new players
– Exciting themes, rewards, and events make the game interesting
– Beginners lack the basic knowledge to play smartly
– Tips for beginners in BGMI include making smart loot before engaging in a fight
– Beginners should always stay behind cover and avoid exposing themselves
– Spotting the enemy’s position can be tricky, so follow their footsteps and movements
– Keep an eye on the map and follow the white circle for safety
– Prioritize reviving team members in a squad to overpower enemies
– Practice to become a pro player and redeem BGMI codes for in-game rewards.

What is Battlegrounds Mobile India and why is it gaining popularity?

Battlegrounds Mobile India has gained immense popularity over the months after the ban was lifted. The game in these months has brought major updates to the game which has been attracting new players. Due to the exciting themes, rewards, and events, it is hard to stay away from something that looks very interesting.

What are some tips for beginners in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

  • The first thing a beginner should learn is how to make a smart loot before engaging in the fight. Make sure you have an assault rifle with the right amount of bullets. First, look for a helmet and west to keep your health protected. Now, later look for other supplies.
  • As a beginner, we tend to stay in the open without releasing that the enemy can spot us from anywhere, therefore, always stay behind a cover and avoid exposing yourself through the windows.
  • Spotting the enemy’s position can be tricky at first, therefore, follow the footstep and their movements to catch them first before they kill you. Make sure to be fast and vigilant as it happens in just a matter of seconds.
  • Keep an eye on the map, and always follow the white circle as it will be the safe zone for you to avoid any rush or delay. This will also help you enhance your map awareness and you can predict the end zone easily.
  • If you are playing in the squad, prioritise to revive your team members when they get knocked down. Playing in a full squad will help you win the game and you can easily overpower your enemies.

How can I get freebies in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Apply the tips mentioned above and watch how your gameplay drastically improves. Make sure to practice more and more to become a pro player. Also, get freebies by redeeming BGMI redeem codes. All you have to do is go to the official BGMI website, enter your character ID, paste the redemption code and claim the in-game rewards.


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