How A Rare Skull Implant Surgery Saved Life Of 4-Year-Old Pune Girl

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The decision was taken as the chances of the girl’s survival were very less.

Pune (Maharashtra): 

In a rare surgery, the skull of a four-year-old girl was recently implanted using a polyethylene bone at Pune’s Bharati Hospital. Doctors say the decision was taken after the girl, Ishita Jawale, suffered severe head injuries in an accident an the delay could have led to her death. The blood clot in her skull led the doctors to remove the bones of the skull to get rid of the clot.

“After the CT scan, it was revealed that if something was not done to remove the clot, then the child might die. We had only one option – to remove the skull – and we opted for it,” Dr Jayant Kewal, Deputy MD of Bharati Hospital said.


4-year-old Ishita Jawale with her parents.

To get the girl’s face back to shape, they implanted the polyethylene bone. The girl was admitted in the hospital for one-and-a-half months and she will be kept under observation till she is 14-year-old.

Dr Vishal Rokane, the neurosurgeon who performed the treatment, said that the decision to perform the surgery was taken after due discussion.

“The child was very young. She suffered severe brain injury and chances of her survival were very less. After deliberate discussion, we took this decision to perform the skull transplant,” Dr Rokane said.

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