Madhya Pradesh Community’s Diktat For Girls

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The Mali community representatives have taken the decision to ban jeans for girls.

Alirajpur (Madhya Pradesh): 

Girls above the age of 10 will not wear jeans and tops during the upcoming Garba event, the representatives of the Mali community in Madhya Pradesh’s Alirajpur declared on Wednesday

“We are holding a Garba programme. The men and women from our community have have decided that girls above the age of 10 will not wear jeans and top,” Manjula Mali, president, women committee of the Alirajpur community told news agency ANI.

Explaining the reason, she said, “Men don’t look at women in a decent way, so we need to make our girls understand.”

Himmat Mali, president of the community, said that girls below the age of 10 are free to wear whatever they want.

“We have taken this decision because boys cat-call and harass girls. We want to run this event properly as per our religion and customs,” he said, adding that they have decided that the rule will apply in all the cultural events of the community.

(With Inputs From ANI)

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