Economic Update: Inequality’s Insidious Spread – COVID-19, India, Insurance

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[S13 E08] Inequality’s Insidious Spread – COVID-19, India, Insurance

In this week’s show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on India’s extreme inequality and its lesson, employers squeeze employees with “non-compete” job contracts, and how the profit motive distorts the concept of insurance. In the second half of the show, Wolff interviews Dr Stephen Bezruchka on how deeply and globally inequality endangers health with special attention to the US and Covid-19.

00:00 – 01:14 – Introduction
01:15 – 06:55 – India’s inequality
06:56 – 10:03 – “Non-compete” job contracts
10:04 – 14:47 – Insurance
14:48 – 16:12 – Announcements
16:13 – 30:55 – Interview with Dr. Stephen Bezruchka

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About our Guest: Stephen Bezruchka, a graduate of Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Stanford universities, teaches courses in population health in the Departments of Health Systems and Population Health and of Global Health as faculty in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington.He worked clinically as a doctor for 35 years including three decades as an emergency physician.  He spent over 11 years in Nepal, writing the first trekking guide to that country, running a community health project, training Nepali doctors in a remote district hospital and advancing concepts of population health. He focuses on creating greater public understanding of the determinants of health through teaching, talking and writing at various levels from middle school onward.  He created the Population Health Forum in 1997.  He serves on the board of directors of the Washington Physicians For Social Responsibility and works with its Economic Inequity Health Task Force. 

His book:  Inequality Kills Us All: COVID-19’s Health Lessons for the World is published by Routledge.  (blurbed by Richard on the back cover)

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1. Oxfam report on India: 
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“Democracy At Work” Presenting Video – Economic Update: Inequality’s Insidious Spread – COVID-19, India, Insurance ,

Economic Update: Inequality’s Insidious Spread – COVID-19, India, Insurance

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