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LS Polls: BJP goes to vice president over clashes during Shah’s WB roadshow

A BJP delegation, comprising several ministers and parliamentarians, Wednesday met M Venkaiah over the violence during Amit Shah’s roadshow in Kolkata and sought his intervention.

The party delegation, which included Union ministers Prakash Javadekar, and Vijay Goel, also referred to “murderous” attack on Shah during the roadshow on Tuesday and alleged the involvement of the state’s ruling

Javadekar told reporters that protection of Rajya Sabha members is a responsibility of the and its Chairman, and the party leaders urged to intervene in the matter.

The is also the Rajya Sabha chairman, and Shah is a member of the

said the delegation also apprised of the “murderous” attack on Shah.

Rajya Sabha members Anil Baluni, G V L and Rakesh Sinha, besides Kamarsu, were also in the BJP delegation.

Shah had told reporters earlier that it would have been difficult for him to survive the attack but for the protection of the CRPF, a central police force.

The TMC has, however, blamed the BJP for the violence.

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