Avengers 4 is now called Avengers End Game and this time Ant-Man and Hawk Eye join the fight against Thanos – watch video

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We had predicted that the trailer of Avengers 4will release today and we were right. Marvel and Russo Brothers just dropped a 2:25-second trailer of the film and have managed to tell a lot about the fourth installment. It has Tony Stark saying, ‘The part of the journey is the end,’ Captain America saying, ‘If he doesn’t do this, he doesn’t know what to do’ and much more. It’s a trailer we all have been waiting for. If you felt a pang of sadness after watching your superheroes vanish in thin air in Avengers: Infinity War, this trailer might make you choke. That’s because those who are alive have vowed to bring the heroes back, come what may. Also, many wanted to know as to why Ant-Man went missing from Avengers Infinity War. Well, you will have no such complaint this time. Check out the trailer right here…

Fans have been waiting for this since the last film released. After witnessing the death of so many heroes in Avengers Infinity War, everyone wanted to know if the theories about a few of them returning make any sense. Well, this trailer does say there will be a few returns.

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