Hrithik Roshan’s Divorce, Fight with Kangana and Now Rakesh Roshan’s Health Scare… Bad Times Hound The Roshans

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It’s not been an easy phase for the Roshan family starting with daughter Sunaina’s broken marriage and then her fight with cancer, and later son Hrithik Roshan’s ostensibly rocksteady marriage with Sussanne Khan falling apart, shocking all of the couple’s friends. Soon after, Hrithik got into an open ugly war with Kangana Ranaut in what looked a relationship gone horribly wrong.

And now comes the news of Rakesh Roshan’s health scare. Says a friend, “Uss parivar  ko kissiki nazar lag gayi. They are so health-conscious, so into everything wholesome and natural.  It’s been one setback after another for the Roshans. They may not show it. But Rakesh and  (wife) Pinky were very upset when  Sussanne quit the marriage with Hrithik. Then when Kangana  launched an  all-guns-blazing attack on Hrithik’s personal  life it  was  a real low-blow as far as his father was  concerned.”

Rakesh Roshan always a strong and healthy man has shaken all his friends with his health setback. A  very close friend reveals, “Rakeshji has always been as strong as a bull. At  69 he goes to the gym every day, eats only the most healthy food. First his  best friend Rishi Kapoor and now Rakesh Roshan, why the streak of health setbacks in Bollywood?”

Hrithik’s career too seems to be suffering some low blows. His ambitious bio-pic Super 30 became embroiled in an unsavoury controversy when the film ’s director Vikas Bahl was accused of sexual harassment. Ironically Hrithik himself claims to be a victim of this crime.

Amidst the darkness that has temporarily enveloped the Roshans’ lives a friend offers a ray of hope. “I think Sussanne should return to Hrithik’s life. Her departure has  brought on  this  lean streak in  the Roshans’ lives.”

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