Kedarnath quick movie review: Sushant Singh Rajput-Sara Ali Khan’s pilgrimage drama’s breezy first-half sets the stage for what promises to be a tense second half

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The film, that is Sara Ali Khan‘s launch vehicle, had been in the lurch for quite sometime now. In fact, its release was jeopardised in such a manner that many speculated Simmbawould be the newbie’s debut film. But now that the film is releasing before the Rohit Shetty extravaganza that comes out later this month, we are quite kicked to see as to how Sara will be in her first brush with the camera. Coming to the film, the trailer that released a while ago managed to pique our curiosity enough to make us rush to the theatre to catch the press screening of the film. Kedarnathhas hit interval point now and here’s what we think of it so far…

The film begins with the sound of the gurgling waters, which introduces us to the world of Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Mandakini aka Mukku (Sara Ali Khan). Both their lives revolve around the pilgrim tourism and requires them to climb up and down the hill several times. While Mansoor is a philanthropic Muslim who takes pilgrims up and down the hill either on his horse or piggyback, Mukku is the fiesty daughter of a Hindu pandit. While love brews between the two in the breezy first half, you can already feel the tension of the situation bubbling underneath, threatening to boil over in the second half. The already taken Mukku is falling for a guy who belongs to another religion and when has this not made for drama, right? The backdrop of the story also lends to the story, suggesting it was irresponsible development that led to the floods. With a good build up, we are now waiting for a storm in the second half of the film. But will it have the impact that a disaster drama should? Let’s find out…

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