Zayn Malik’s latest single titled Satisfaction inspired by his real-life break up with Gigi Hadid?

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Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid broke up yet again just a few days back and the international pop singer has already dropped another single titled Satisfaction. And with Zayn and Gigi’s relationship being rocky forever, fans couldn’t help but compare the single to the couple’s unstable feelings about each other. The couple was first linked with each other in 2015 and went on to date for two years. They broke up last March only to reconnect again eventually. However, several sources have now confirmed to Us Weekly that the supermodel and the international singer have parted ways. “They’re done. They could get back together, but it’s over for now,” a source shared. Another source said that the model “tried hard to make it work,” but Zayn has “a lot of his own issues that she couldn’t help him get through… She cut herself off from all her friends every time they were together. She focused all her time and energy on him, but it just got to be too much,” the insider added.

But this break up wasn’t a shock for fans considering reports were doing the rounds suggesting that Zayn and Gigi were spending time apart since November 2018. A source told E! News that Zayn and Gigi “have been spending time apart since early November.”

So that’s how it all seems to have ended and now let us have a look at the single that is being talked about so much. Here’s the video:

The insider had added that the celebrities “think it’s best for the sake of their relationship right now.” The source had also said, “[they both have] been really focused on themselves and their separate careers. [Zayn has been] in the studio recording new music and pushing out his new album” whereas the 23-year-old model is focusing on herself. So, seems like this is what Zayn had been working on and his real life just added to his inspiration for the song.

Well, while we are really sad and are hoping that the cute couple gets back together and this time for good, we can’t help but admire how peaceful and calm the single is. Stay tuned to BollywoodLife for more updates.

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