Ep 1: Smart Jewellers are Partnering with Olocker to provide Jewellery Insurance to Customers

Skip Intro: 1:28
Know about O-Locker: 2:20
How can Jewellery Insurance help and whom?: 5:08
Hear Claimants sharing their view: 11:57
Find Jewellers who are providing Jewellery Insurance: 25:06
Benefit for Jewellers : 15:41
Insurance for Jewellery bought in the past: 26:28
Fun Rapid Fire Round with Entrepreneur: 28:50
Who can take Jewellery Insurance?: 7:16
How can women be a part of this movement?: 8:53
Know a little about Gems & Jewellery Industry: 18:26
Challenges as an Entrepreneur of the Gems & Jewellery Industry: 20:27
Social Media Pages of Olocker: 23:53

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Its Online Now!! Episode 1: Can our Jewellery be Insured? Know all about Jewellery insurance
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Did you know about jewellery insurance. Well, there are jeweller that provide free insurance on the jewellery that you buy. Jewellery insurance is a unique concept that has been designed for us to feel safe and secured having jewellery, so that women can flaunt and wear their jewellery without any hesitation. Milind Shethia along with his Co-founder Manish Ranka started India’s leading Jewellery Insurance Tech start up for jewellery buyers O-Locker. New solution in the Gems & jewellery industry. Founders of O-locker wants to make wearing jewellery which our biggest asset to be easily worn and used. They want to make our environment safe for women to carry their jewellery without being scared. O-locker is the best jewellery insurance company in India. They have helped many buyers to get jewellery insurance. Come hear stories of claimants on how secure they felt with the jewellery insurance. So lets hear about jewellery insurance by Milind Shethia himself on Jumpstart Season 1 Mumbai. The big jewellery’s have adopted jewellery insurance for their buyers. So today i am not just calling upon people who buy jewellery to be aware of how they can keep their jewellery safe but I also call upon jewellers to come understand how providing jewellery insurance to your clients can help you grow your business and build trust among your buyers. This will act as an acquisition cost which will help you grow your business more. Lets hear from the Cofounder of Olocker Milind Shethia on his wonderful idea of Jewellery Insurance.

“The Urban Chief” Presenting Video – Ep 1: Smart Jewellers are Partnering with Olocker to provide Jewellery Insurance to Customers ,

Ep 1: Smart Jewellers are Partnering with Olocker to provide Jewellery Insurance to Customers

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