Revolve Botches Anti-Fat-Shaming Campaign With ‘Being Fat Is Not Beautiful’ Sweatshirt

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Twitter users lambasted fashion company Revolve for releasing a sweatshirt that says “Being fat is not beautiful it’s an excuse” in all-caps, which was supposed to be released on a later date for an anti-cyber-bullying and anti-fat-shaming campaign.

“This morning, images of a forth coming LPA collection were prematurely released on,” the online retailer said in a statement to People. “The capsule collection – originally conceived by LPA alongside Lena Dunham, Emily Ratajkowski, Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Paloma Elsesser – was set to debut tomorrow as a direct commentary on the modern day “normality” of cyber-bullying and the shared desire to create a community for those most affected by the epidemic.”

Model and body positivity advocate Tess Holliday voiced out her disapproval of the brand’s premature campaign on Twitter, captioning her tweet that says Revolve “a mess” accompanied by a screenshot of the brand’s sweatshirt.

LPA took to Instagram to explain the situation to Florence Given, a London-based artist and social issues advocate. “The sweatshirts went up early on Revolve for some reason. But it’s a collaboration with five women. With the worst troll quotes,” the chat says. “The point was to shine the light on how horrible trolling is. The proceeds benefit charity.”

In response, Florence Given said via an Instagram post, “This is still incredibly problematic and an awful attempt at ‘claiming back’ toxic narratives because (in my opinion). [I]t just gives them power by putting them back into the world and at a £162 price tag. The designs went up to XL, so the women who this tee is supposed to ‘empower’ probably wouldn’t even fit into one.”

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