7 Of The Most Unique Street Foods In The World

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7 Of The Most Unique Street Foods In The World January 11, 2019

Street food is celebrated across the world. And every region has its own street food. It’s authentic and it gives us the true sense of the region. But some popular street foods travel across borders and find their own twist. They differ from one place to another. No two street foods from two regions are the same. There are emotions, there are stories, and there are unique elements which are attached to every street food across the globe.

Here’s a list of seven such unique street foods that will take you on a street food ride across countries you must have visited or are planning to visit. If you find yourself familiar with any of these foods, then we’re so glad that you’re one among those who love traveling and exploring the vivid cultures that the world offers us. Let’s get ready for some unique street food now.

1. Chimney Cake From Czech Republic

Chimney cakes are considered to be the official dessert of Hungary, however, it found its way into the beautiful country of the Czech Republic as well. If you ever visit Prague and you are walking down a lane which is bordered by food stalls serving street food, you are bound to come across this spiral pastry that looks like a chimney. It’s crunchy on the outside and softer on the inside. Fill it up with your choice of fillings. It could be ice cream or whipped cream, and then top it off with your choice of sprinkles or fruits. We guarantee you that it’s a delicious eat.

2. Poutine From Canada

You can call it Canada’s unofficial “official street food.” The word poutine here means “messy” and these are nothing but potato fries in a smothered manner. The fries are smothered with chunks of cheese curd and gravy. These additions to the otherwise crispy fries increase the gooey quotient of the dish and make it a messy eat. And we all know that street foods are meant to be just that. In the city of Ottawa in Canada, a festival is dedicated to just this, where you will get to sample over a hundred varieties of the poutines. Now you know what to gorge on when you visit Canada.

3. Suppli From Rome, Italy

It’s a Roman meal that is portable. When it comes to Italy, it’s Rome that can give you the finest food options ever. Drop by at any restaurant after exploring the ancient ruins in the city and you will find “suppli” to be on the menu card of every restaurant. It is nothing but a ball of rice which is mixed with mozzarella cheese and some tomato sauce. It’s deep-fried and made crisp to perfection. This simple street dish is mind-boggling and your taste buds will be more than happy to bite into something as delicious as this. When you’re in Rome, do as the Romans do, go eat suppli.

4. Biltong From South Africa

Biltong is a delicacy from the streets of Johannesburg. Almost every street in this city will have at least a couple of shops selling this food item. It is basically a dish made out of exotic meat of ostrich or kudu which has been cured in apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar. It’s rubbed with a mix of spices like brown sugar, coriander, and black pepper before the meat is dried. We’d like to warn you that the flavor is extremely intense and it’s a really thick piece of meat. It’s a unique and interesting street food according to us.

5. Air Batu Campur (ABC) From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is a perfect example of how art meets food. You’ll find ABC on every street of Kuala Lumpur. You might be under the notion that it is ice cream, but let’s rid you of that incorrect assumption. In actuality, this dish is shaved ice and not ice cream. The shaved ice is sweetened with palm sugar and condensed milk. It is then topped with peanuts and other toppings like red beans. As you hop around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, eating your ABC, you will surely be bursting with energy because of all the sugar you just ate. It’s a local dish we recommend whenever you travel to Malaysia.

6. Stinky Tofu From Taipei, Taiwan

Just because the name reads “stinky”, it doesn’t mean it’s too smelly. The strong smell you get is from the brine mixture (made of shrimp and vegetables) that the tofu cubes are soaked in. The smell isn’t as overpowering as you thought it would be. The brine enhances the taste of the otherwise bland, boring tofu. The shopkeeper will fry it and give it to you with a spicy pepper sauce. Consider stinky tofu the next time you visit Taiwan. It could become your new favorite food too.

7. Khanom Krok From Thailand

It is a concoction made up of rice and coconut. It’s a very simple, yet aromatic dish that you will find on the streets of Thailand. They are cute pancakes made of coconut milk and rice. They are cooked on the customized pan until custard-like consistency is achieved. Two of the pancakes are joined together to form a globe-like structure with your choice of fillings. This dish is sure to fuel you up with zeal and enthusiasm while you devour it and get back to exploring Thailand.

When you are traveling, it’s important to explore the local cuisines of the place too. Food can also be considered as one of the unique identities of a place. How many unique foods across the globe have you eaten? Let us know in the comments below.

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