How to Buy a Ring Mount or Setting for Your Diamond

Why would anyone buy a ring mount or setting without a diamond? In this video, we explain exactly why so many of our clients buy finished ring mounts and how to buy just the diamond setting without the diamond.

View designs available as mount only or sem-set mount options.

This tailored service is available for private clients and other jewellers. It includes a range of optional extra services, such as inward insurance for your existing diamond, stone setting and a valuation for insurance.

At Serendipity Diamonds, we create amazing bespoke jewellery for clients worldwide. We work with gemstones, natural and lab-grown diamonds, and our client’s existing gems.

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Chapters for this video

00:00 Introduction
00:25 What is a finished ring mount?
00:52 Who would buy a ring design without diamonds?
01:34 One-part ring designs
01:48 Two-part ring designs
02:14 Semi-set ring mounts
02:56 Bespoke ring mounts
03:19 what do you do with a finished ring mount?
03:41 Optional services for ring mount buyers

“Serendipity Diamonds” Presenting Video – How to Buy a Ring Mount or Setting for Your Diamond ,

How to Buy a Ring Mount or Setting for Your Diamond

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