‘Booze Is Gold’ For These ‘Desperados’ Who Burgled A Liquor Shop

HYDERABAD: Taking advantage of the lockdown, unidentified miscreants broke into a liquor shop under Gandhi Nagar police station limits in Hyderabad on Friday. It is reported that they had made away with booze worth Rs 1 lakh.

According to reports, the miscreants broke into the shop by cutting open the iron roof of the store. The entire burglary escapade was recorded on CCTV. The shop had been shut due to the lockdown. Receiving information, police reached the store and began their investigation based on the CCTV footage.

Since the time the nationwide lockdown entered its second week, there have been several reports of chronic alcoholics acting in desperation and trying to unlawfully gain access into liquor shops. Recently, a video of an alcoholic, with visible withdrawal symptoms, trying hand at opening a liquor shop (check out Sakshipost Videos) went viral. Incidentally, this wine store is located in the close proximity to the one that was burgled on Friday.

Non-availability of liquor for a longer time due to the stringent lockdown, which was necessitated by Coronavirus pandemic, is adversely affecting several chronic alcoholics. There is a sudden spike in the number of admissions of chronic boozers experiencing withdrawal symptoms into the Erragadda Mental Hospital in Hyderabad in the last few days.

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