“Stay, Will Pay Your Rent”: Arvind Kejriwal To Migrants Amid Lockdown

'Stay, Will Pay Your Rent': Arvind Kejriwal To Migrants Amid Lockdown

New Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal again appealed to migrant labourers to stay put wherever they are and not go home, pointing to the risks involved to them and the nation. He also assured the people they would have a roof over their head, promising to pay the landlords if the tenants are unable to pay rent.

“A lot of people are going back to their native places in several states,” he said today.

“I want to appeal to them with folded hands — when the Prime Minister announced lockdown, he said ‘jo jahan hai wo wahi rahe (please stay wherever you are’. This is the lockdown mantra. If we don’t follow this, we, the country will fail in the fight against coronavirus,” he said.

“If two or four people have corona, they will spread to others. You will also be infected. If you go to your village, your villagers will be infected. If this spreads in the country completely, it would be a difficult task to control it,” he added.

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