Joint Life Insurance: Pros & Cons for Couples

In this episode, PolicyMe’s Ivana Govedarica, walks you through joint life insurance vs. individual life insurance and the pros and cons of each type for couples.

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00:00 – 00:16 Intro
00:16 – 01:00 What is joint life insurance?
01:00 – 01:28 How does joint life insurance work?
01:28 – 03:16 Types of joint life insurance
03:16 – 04:44 Should you get a joint or individual life insurance policy?
04:44 – 05:58 What are the best life insurance companies for couples in Canada?
05:58 – 06:24 Outro



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“PolicyMe” Presenting Video – Joint Life Insurance: Pros & Cons for Couples ,

Joint Life Insurance: Pros & Cons for Couples

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