check out the song “कहतौ ता देबाउ रे” sung by Aashish Yadav and Radha Raj with lyrics by Chintu Raja and music by Pappu Bhai. The video features choreography by Sushant and Chandan, and is produced by Adinath Shiva Music©.

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Song Details

Song: Kahtau Ta Debau Re
Singer: Aashish Yadav, Radha Raj
Lyrics: Chintu Raja
Music: Pappu Bhai
Company/Label: Adinath Shiva Music
Digital Partner: Bright Digital Media

Audio/Video Credits :-
– Choreographer: Sushant, Chandan
– Dop: Rajesh Rathore, Sunny Ji
– Video: Kaushal Babua
– Video Editor: Nandan Sharma
– Publicity Design: Nivas Bhai Gfx
– Digital Head: Pawan Sharma (8879724959)

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Kahtau Ta Debau Re by Aashish Yadav, Radha Raj – Bhojpuri Song – Lyrics
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Audio/Video Credits :-

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► Title :- कहतौ ता देबाउ रे
► Song :- Kahtau Ta Debau Re
► Singer :- Aashish Yadav, Radha Raj
► Lyrics :- Chintu Raja
► Music :- Pappu Bhai
► Recording/Mixing :- Nandan Yadav
► Choreographer :- Sushant, Chandan
► Dop :- Rajesh Rathore, Sunny Ji
► Video :- Kaushal Babua
► Video Editor :- Nandan Sharma
► Publicity Design :- Nivas Bhai Gfx
► Label / Company :- Adinath Shiva Music©
► Digital Head :- Pawan Sharma (8879724959)
► Digital Partner :- Bright Digital Media

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