Elon Musk faced backlash after endorsing antisemitic content on X, leading to alienated advertisers like Apple Inc. The billionaire Tesla Inc. chief agreed with a post that claimed Jewish people hold a “dialectical hatred” of white people, drawing criticism from the White House and Tesla investors. Disney Co. was among the corporate names that distanced themselves from the platform. Musk’s tweet expressing his wish for the best for humanity drew support from figures like Bill Ackman. The X CEO, Linda Yaccarino, faced calls to resign after advertisers halted spending on the platform due to the promotion of hate speech.

Musk’s controversial post has prompted criticism from politicians and major companies, who have urged him to better control content on his platform. Advertisers also halted spending on X after a report found that several companies ran ads next to pro-Nazi content. Linda Yaccarino, the X CEO, faces calls to resign, but has refused, standing by the company’s mission.

Musk Defends Himself on X After Antisemitic Furor Deepens – Detail Points

– Elon Musk responded to accusations of antisemitism in media reports
– The backlash came after he endorsed antisemitic content in a post on X
– Several advertisers, including Apple Inc. and Walt Disney Co., distanced themselves from the platform
– Musk tweeted that he wished “only the best for humanity”
– Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman defended Musk
– Musk has a history of promoting hate speech
– Politicians and big companies criticized Musk and urged him to better control content on his platform
– Advertisers halted spending on X after running ads next to pro-Nazi content
– Advertising executives urged X CEO Linda Yaccarino to resign, but she refused
– HT Tech is now on WhatsApp Channels

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Is Elon Musk being accused of antisemitism?

Yes, Elon Musk has been accused of endorsing antisemitic content in a post on X.

How has Elon Musk responded to the accusations?

Elon Musk has railed against “bogus” media reports and issued his strongest response yet, stating that he wishes “only the best for humanity.”

Have advertisers distanced themselves from X?

Yes, several advertisers, including Apple Inc. and Walt Disney Co., have alienated themselves from the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Has Elon Musk been criticized for promoting hate speech before?

Yes, Musk has long drawn fire for promoting hate speech, and his latest post has prompted criticism from both politicians and some of the world’s biggest companies.


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