After nearly three years of battling the coronavirus, the world saw a decline in cases of Covid-19 in 2022. However, new variants continue to emerge, with the latest one being the sub-variant called EG.5.1, also known as Eris, spreading rapidly in the United Kingdom. This variant accounts for more than 14% of cases in the UK, causing concern for health authorities due to its rapid spread.

The new Eris variant has now affected not only the UK but also the United States and Japan. Although the number of hospitalizations has not significantly increased, there has been a significant rise in coronavirus cases due to this variant. The symptoms of Eris are similar to those of Omicron, including fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, and aches and pains. While the variant is highly contagious, health authorities are urging people to remain vigilant and follow Covid-appropriate behavior to limit transmission.

New Covid variant Eris hits UK: Should India be worried? – Detail Points

– Covid-19 cases plummeted in 2022
– New variant named EG.5.1 spreads quickly in UK
– EG.5.1 affects one in seven Covid patients
– Variant accounts for more than 14% of cases in UK
– Significant increase in cases has concerned health authorities
– Eris has affected US and Japan
– Hospitalizations have slightly increased due to variant
– Symptoms of Eris are similar to previous variants
– Variant is highly contagious but not yet more virulent than Omicron
– WHO director-general warns to stay protected against variants by vaccines and Covid-appropriate behavior

New Covid variant Eris hits UK: Should India be worried? – FAQ’s

What is the Covid variant Eris?

The variant Eris is a new sub-variant of the Covid-19 Omicron virus. It has been spreading quickly in the UK, with the virus affecting a significant number of patients affected with Covid.

Should India be worried about the new Covid variant Eris?

Eris is highly contagious, but it is unlikely to become a major concern. Most of the country already has herd immunity and would have some antibodies to fight even a new variant. It has not shown signs of being more virulent than the parent Omicron yet.

Have hospitalizations increased due to the Eris variant?

There has been a slight increase in hospitalizations due to the Eris variant, but reports suggest that the number of hospitalizations has not increased significantly despite a rise in Covid cases.


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