The Tangled Web Kangana Ranaut Weaves!



…A web knotted with deception, deceit and falsehoods that has not only engulfed Tinsel Town in immense negativity, it has also caused Kangana Ranaut herself a lot of harm. Sumita Chakraborty traces the bloody trail of lies and wonders why the Queen persists on being on a journey of


“Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of

sound and fury, signifying nothing.”



True enough… more so in the case of our Manikarnika Kangana Ranaut who loves to let loose a barrage of bullets through her words and grab eyeballs. Her piercing words are like razor sharp rapiers that spear the soul and cause immense damage. But are they all true? Let’s find out…


Back In Time

…She’s this rank outsider from a small town who has stormed her way into Bollywood and has proved her mettle over and over again. And, how! Indeed, there is not an iota of doubt that Kangana Ranaut is a powerhouse performer who has proved her brilliance throughout her career. So despite her strident claims that Bollywood works only on “nepotism”, she herself has proved that this is not completely true.


Have Mouth, Will Speak?

However, unfortunately, for Kangana and the Bollywood junta, this actress does not just let her talent do the talking, she insists each and every time, at every given opportunity, on opening her careless mouth and letting out a torrent of words that are basically calculated to court controversies. In fact, her bid to open a can of worms through her words about her actor colleagues causes unsavoury situations that more often than not always tend to backfire on her.

Perhaps that’s because though Kangana’s rat-a-tat motor-mouth wreaks mayhem and havoc; more often than not, her words barely touch the veracity of things. And though she may shriek like a banshee that ‘Main sabka waat laga dungi’ (I am going to destroy everybody), unfortunately for her, all she’s been doing is harming and destroying her own reputation.


Flashing The Victim Card?

It’s a pity really because Kangana, being the powerhouse performer that she is, could have just concentrated on her career but she decided she’d be this one woman army who would take on the bigwigs of Bollywood. Nothing wrong with that too… After all, it’s great when somebody jumps onto the fray and fights the bad guys, more so a woman. And obviously, in the battle of young David and the giant Goliath, the public always sides the underdog which more often than not happens in Kangana’s case. Fair enough…

But unfortunately for Kangana, in her hasty bid to pick up cudgels and prove to the world that she’s society’s avenging angel, she has resorted to immense deceit and lies to prove her points. 


The Trail Of Lies

Do you know what’s trending at the moment? Well, it’s a video of Kangana Ranaut riding a mechanical horse in Manikarnika. You have all the other actors in the scene riding real horses, while the Queen herself looking rather ridiculous, prances up and down on a mechanical horse wielding her sword on her sworn enemies. Needless to say, Kangana was mercilessly trolled and ridiculed by the unforgiving social media… So much for her claim that she had taken expensive riding lessons for many months before the shooting of Manikarnika. But of course, the ‘cheat factor’ is often seen in the action scenes of our films so let’s not make a mountain of a puny molehill, however laughable and ridiculous it may be.


Travesty Of Facts

Perhaps a little more serious is Kangana’s claim that she shot 70 percent of Manikarnika, even though Krish, the original director had shot a sizeable amount of the film. Kangana’s sister Rangoli who is her official spokesperson, had tweeted, “I have spoken to Kangana and on her behalf I am officially declaring (that) Kangana shot 70 percent of the film (drama and action) with her primary DOP Kiran Deohans, 2nd DOP Sachin K Krishn and took 100 % final calls on edit with Rameshwar who Krish never met in his life.” She further said, “And even the current post team doesn’t know Krish….. they have been brought on board by Kangana ….she single-handedly delivered first copy – her producer was unwell ….if Krish can prove otherwise she will apologise and take her name back. All the data is stored with clapboard and tacticians name … and we announce Krish to have full access to it … please go ahead with the proceedings. Send your person to Kairos office right away, I will coordinate and make sure they get access to the data, please note we are only talking about what is retained in the film cos it’s true Krish shot 7 hours footage for two years and went over budget and when the studio head saw what was shot he refused to give his logo to that film … team (writers) requested Kangana to take charge of the situation and the studio reimbursed more money.”


Lies & More Lies

Krish, the original director of Manikarnika who is known for his brilliance in South films, rebuts her claim completely. He says, “Kangana is lying. Clearly, if you look at the messages she sent to Vijayendra and still stored them, seems that there was a plan in her mind to take over and present these later in her defence. So, that it doesn’t look like an after-thought.”

He insisted that he was just sick and tired of the whole episode. “Kangana and I are both not going away from this industry so soon. I will direct many more films in future and so will she. People will know who stands where. I am sick and tired of Kangana and the whole controversy.”

Krish further claimed that he finished editing the entire film in June and everyone had finished dubbing for their parts with the exception of Kangana, who was shooting for Mental Hai Kya in London at the time. He averred, “She returned, saw the film and said that she liked it. She however added that she had a few small concerns. After a few days, she said that iska jyaada hai, uska jyaada hai, this girl is overpowering, that girl is overpowering. Then she came up with yeh change karna hai, woh change karna hai. She also said that Kamal Jain (producer) hadn’t liked the film.”

Proof Of The Pudding

Krish also added that he had slammed Kangana for her rude behaviour. He said that she tried to convince him that Zee Studios did not like what he had made at all and that ‘it was looking like a Bhojpuri film’. I laughed. People know my previous work. We argued but she wanted her own way. I just couldn’t understand. She was rude all the time.”

He further added, “The first poster which bore the date, had my name. Then came the teaser, which had my name but not as Krish which I am known as in the industry including in the credit titles of my previous films. I was given a new name – Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi – which I never use.”

He added, “When I spoke to them about the distortion of my name in the teaser, Kangana told me, ‘You didn’t support me in the Sonu Sood episode. Aapko abhi zaroorat hai toh aaye ho.’ She told me I have anger management issues but it was she who was shouting at me. And now after seeing the film, I see my name again distorted and now in a separate slide.”


Waste Of Promises

Mishti Chakravarty, who plays Kashibai in the film, also supports Krish. She says that she had been wanting to work with Krish for a long time. “And when Krish promised me that I would have a lot of promising scenes, I got convinced, largely due to Krish who was directing the film. I know Krish’s body of work and I had been wanting to work with him since a long time. Aur end mein, director bhi nahin raha, role bhi nahi raha. I had shot some beautiful scenes but nothing has been retained. I really didn’t want to be an insignificant part of a significant film. I may not have a strong presence in Bollywood but I am doing some very good work in films of other languages.”

She added, “I learnt that Kangana had become the decision-maker. But don’t I have a choice of whom to work with and whom to not work with? If I was told from the beginning that Kangana will be the director, I would’ve probably not done Manikarnika. She could have been a great director. Actors are known to be self-obsessed.”

Mishti said that when she saw the film finally, she was shocked.  “I had allotted dates to a film down South, when Kangana came to me and told me: ‘You are like a sister to me in the film, my best friend. You can chose to not give me dates but it’s an actor’s loss on your side’. Pray, what does that mean? And you know what! Kamal Jain called me to say that he had decided to increase my role in the film. Later when I saw the film, I was shocked. I came to the conclusion that they needed extra dates from me to shoot insignificant scenes. It was like they needed my dates for patchwork.”


More Controversies

The deck of lies do come crashing down, don’t they? Well, this was not the only time Kangana distorted her words to suit her purpose. In her fight with Sonu Sood who she ousted from Manikarnika after shooting his entire portion, Kangana insisted, “Sonu couldn’t even give us tentative dates to match combinations with the other actors. The producers showed him the film and writers narrated the patchwork to him. He refused to meet me. He vehemently denied to work under a woman director, which is kind of amusing because Sonu is a dear friend and I have even launched the music of a film that he produced at his request. Even though the team suggested that they have full faith in me, it seems, Sonu had neither dates nor faith.”

Sonu Sood who tends to steer clear of controversies said in an official statement, “Kangana is a dear friend and she will always remain one but this constant playing the woman card, the victim card and making this entire issue about male chauvinism is ridiculous. The gender of the director is not the issue. Competence is. Let’s not confuse the two. I’ve worked with Farah Khan who’s a competent woman director and Farah and I had a great professional equation and we are still best of friends. That’s all I would like to say.” 

Mishti also backed Sonu . She says, “Of course. Sonu never said anything of the sort of ‘not taking orders from a woman’. Sonu has worked with Farah. Isn’t Farah a woman? Why does this question of man and woman come up

every time? “


Too Much Baggage

…Phew, Kangana sure has left a vitriolic trail of heartbreak and hurt. But it isn’t only about Manikarnika… the world knows about the mother of all battles she had with Hrithik Roshan. As evidence of their so-called affair, she presented a picture of the two of them looking rather cosy shocking everybody until Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne came out in the open and exposed the fact that the picture was morphed and even presented the real picture which was of everybody including Sussanne as a group.

Of course everybody has heard her yell on top of her voice that Hrithik proposed to her in front of the Eiffel towers. Very romantic… But surprise of surprises, the timeline Kangana suggested didn’t match a bit with Hrithik’s passport. Hrithik had not even ventured abroad leave alone France at that point… Another explosive expose from Kangana bites the dust, ya?


Needless Needling

But there is really no stopping Kangana really… She revels in making explosive statements

even about someone as

non-controversial as Alia Bhatt (Kangana called her “KJo’s puppet”). Of course, her fave punching bag KJo is constantly on the receiving end. This time, Kangana mocked,”Karan needs chyawanprash.” Even someone as senior as Shabana Azmi, Kangana called her “anti-national”. She even took on a senior editor of a reputed film magazine and said that he had asked her to come for his awards but when she refused, he gave the award to another actress. The livid journalist hauled Kangana on burning coal when he angrily tweeted, ‘I have never even spoken to her about the awards’ thereby exposing another lie.

Kangana had even dissed her ex-flame Aditya Pancholi when she said, she was even younger than his daughter…  Aditya promptly showed his daughters passport and proved that Kangana was indeed older. Another lie shattered…


Kangana, Please Take Note

Ah well… too many casualties… too much heartbreak and for what? …Just a wastage of ink and news space… and being hailed as the poster girl of irreverence? Definitely, not worth it, is it?

…Come on, Kangana, concentrate on your performances. Though they are brilliant, they are getting eroded by some needless viciousness.  Wake up and smell the coffee!


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