Qatar Health Insurance for Visitors | Price , Benefits and how one can apply


Your health matters, therefore we offer you health insurance that cover​​s you during your stay in Qatar to provide you with excellent healthcare services.
The health and well-being of the visitors are our utmost priority therefore the Government has established the necessary regulations to ensure that you are protected against accidents and medical emergency-related conditions during your stay.

How To Obtain Visitors’ Health Insurance?​
Visitors applying for a visit visa through the website of the Ministry of Interior (Qatar Visas), or via the Metrash App, will be directed to the website of the Ministry of Public Health where they can select one of the insurance companies registered with the Ministry to purchase the visitors’ policy after completion of all other relevant visa requirements.
Once the insurance policy is issued by the selected insurance company, the Ministry of Interior will issue the appropriate visit visa.
The effective date of coverage is the date of entry of the visitor at any border.
If the visitor wishes to extend his/her stay in the State of Qatar, then he/she must purchase a new health insurance policy.
Visitors eligible for on-arrival visas at the border crossings of the State of Qatar:
In order to ensure speedy completion of your procedures upon arrival at the various border crossings (airport, land, and seaports), please purchase a visitor insurance policy before arriving at these ports from the MOPH link provided above, and follow the same procedures mentioned.

Health Insurance Premium?
The premium for the Mandatory Visitors’ Health Insurance policy is QAR 50 per month.
The visitor can purchase additional coverage (Top-ups) as desired for extra premiums to be determined by the insurance companies.

What Is Covered By The Policy?
​Emergency medical treatment:
Up to QAR 150,000 for the policy period and within the State of Qatar.
Emergency medical assistance with a sub-limit of QAR 35,000, includes:
• Emergency ambulance transportation within the State of Qatar, and where necessary.
• Medical evacuation to the individual’s country of residence.
COVID-19 and Quarantine:
a) Sub-limit up ​to QAR 50,000.
b) Covid-19 treatment for positive cases.
c) Quarantine expenses (for confirmed cases) are up to QAR 300 per day.
No waiting period is required under this document.
Repatriation: In the event of the visitor’s death within the State of Qatar, the cost of repatriation is covered up to an amount of QAR 10,000.
No copayment or deductibles are required for any covered services as per the terms and conditions stipulated in the visitor’s health insurance policy.

Contact Us​
MOPH Helpline:
16000 – Extension No. (1) Dedicated to health insurance
International Number: 0097444069963​
Questions and Answers: FAQs
Information about Visas:

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“Maleek Sterling” Presenting Video – Qatar Health Insurance for Visitors | Price , Benefits and how one can apply ,

Qatar Health Insurance for Visitors | Price , Benefits and how one can apply

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