Reality of Caste Reservation | Nitish Rajput | Hindi

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Reservation, one of the most debatable topics, has been a ping of discussion since its inception in India. Many of us are against it, while others stand for it. Despite the difference of opinion, there is no denying that it has affected lives on a large scale.

Today we will discuss, the very basics of reservation, and why it was brought into practice.
Its impact on society and how much it has been accepted by society.
Has the provision reservation really been successful in uplifting the status of the backward classes, we will also be discussing how politics get involved?
Let’s discuss

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Nitish Rajput firmly believes that there are adequate tools available online, and people can be brought together, informed, and educated collectively.
Social media and the Internet have the power to create any narrative but this channel will use the same to curate a healthy, informative narrative that can genuinely benefit people in forming an opinion that is backed by facts and uncompromised information without any bias. Nitish Rajput wants to empower and facilitate people to challenge atrocities and become more vocal about issues plaguing Indian society.
Book: The Broken Pillars of Democracy by Nitish Rajput
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“Nitish Rajput” Presenting Video – Reality of Caste Reservation | Nitish Rajput | Hindi ,

Reality of Caste Reservation | Nitish Rajput | Hindi

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