5 Oral Sex Tips To Give Her A Memorable Experience

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Oral sex, when done right, makes for an experience worth a remember. And when your partner knows exactly what you want, it obviously makes the act a whole lot better. If oral sex is your thing, and you want your man to do certain things to you, here’s what you can read out to him. These 5 tips will ensure you have the best time of your life, while in bed.

Feather-Light Touch 

Oral Sex Tips

Just like the ‘first impression’, the first touch ‘speaks’ a lot! Trailing a feather-light from her temple to her toes is an art very less possess. The right touch can make fireworks burst in your insides and make you close your eyes and lean back in pleasure. He must start with looking at you with burning desire in your eyes. You will know he is doing it right when you are at the first check-point of the carnal journey.

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Best Tips For Oral Sex

Your partner knows your pleasure-points better than you (obviously, if and when he is keen enough and sensible enough to notice them!). But let him know this that massaging and stimulating certain places on your body makes your genitals ready for the act; those certain places being – butt cheeks (nobody can resist that), love handles (the reason they exist!), inner thighs and (gently massaging with his thumbs) the place below navel where abdomen ends (no need to explain more).

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

Oh, don’t we women love butterfly kisses! They vary with varied moods but sensuous and slow ones will definitely throw you off the edge. Not many know that pleasure-points vary with women… but there are several points, which once stimulated, any woman cannot escape the power of these stimuli. Them being – hip-bones and inner thighs. Let him know how much you love his lips there! *Wink!*

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Game Of Tongue

Game Of Tongue

You must have ‘duh-ed’ on reading this point. Indeed, it is the most basic and mandatory stimuli in an oral sex, but the game is known by few. The right way of using tongue is done by using ‘flicking’ and rapid licking movements. Again, nothing new about it! But doing it with the right time-space is the art of action.

Finger Flick

Finger Flick

Fingers in oral sex are MANDATORY especially when he wants to peak your pleasure-senses quickly. Flicking a female genital’s sensitive ‘folds’ along with regular gentle pressures put by fingers while using his tongue will definitely make her this session absolutely memorable.


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5 Oral Sex Tips To Give Her A Memorable Experience | Best Tips For Oral Sex

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5 Oral Sex Tips To Give Her A Memorable Experience | Best Tips For Oral Sex


Oral sex, when done right, will definitely makes your partner remember you. Here is a guide of oral sex tips to be done ON YOU, something that you can send your partner or read aloud to him… Here is a guide 5 amazing oral sex tips to enlighten him to give you a time of ‘sex-life’.


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