5 Types Of Casual Sex Millennials Are Indulging In

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Casual sex is cool. Or is it? How do you differentiate the different types of casual sex? Yes, there are types! From the bold type to the occasional sex and even that booty call invite. We’re breaking it down to the top 5 types of casual sex where you just ‘happen’ to have sex with them.

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Recreational Sex

The best kind of sex can be when you’re bored and have nothing to do. Feeling bored from scrolling through Instagram? It’s quite possible you might end up making the move on whoever is sitting next to you. Having recreational sex is a way of casual sex that doesn’t always happen unless you have a connection with the person.

Ex Sex

They’re your ex but you’re still tempted to have sex with them. This craving needs to casual sex with your ex who you may or may not be on good terms with. You aren’t exactly looking for a relationship but then you’re also looking to get laid and they’re available.

Booty Call Sex

The appointment making aka the phone call invites for sex. Casual sex at its best, booty calls are made by phones or by sliding into DMs over social media. Also commonly known as friends with benefits, it basically refers to having sex with someone you know like a friend or acquaintance whenever you both are horny.

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Occasion Sex

The occasional sex in a certain situation – like at a shady bar or in the bathroom stall or at a friend’s house party. It just happens to depend on the mood and situation around you both. You could be friends or strangers but at that moment you both are really attracted to each other and end up having sex.

Mercy / Pity Sex

Probably a bad idea but you end up having sex with them out of pity. It could be because their pet died or they failed an exam or they had a bad day. Mercy sex is usually between friends who know everything about the other’s life and hence pity or feel sorry for them. The sex might be good but the intentions not so much.

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