Regular Trims Don’t Make Your Hair Thicker! 6 Hair Myths That Are Actually False

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Regular Trims Don’t Make Your Hair Thicker! 6 Hair Myths That Are Actually False March 12, 2019

As popular opinion stands, for women especially, thick lustrous hair enhances her beauty. We’re sure you wouldn’t dare to disagree here, would you? From reshmi zulfien (silky hair) to Oh Haseena Zulfon waali, women with beautiful hair seem to be turning a lot of heads and women too, love showing off their beautiful tresses. They enjoy that they are the object of envy to those who don’t have the voluminous tresses. And right from our childhood, be it mothers or our grandmothers, they’ve passed down their hair care secrets to most of us. We’re sure you’ve heard it all—“Don’t pluck that first grey hair because two might spring up in its place,” “Wash your hair with some cold water towards the end of your shower; this will improve its shine.” These hair myths have been doing the rounds for generations together and we’ve started to accept them all as wisdom now.

But have you ever wondered if these “words of wisdom” actually have a an iota of truth in it? We decided to bust some of these myths and label them as true or false. Read on to know which all were labeled false. You will be surprised with Number 3!

6. Trimming Hair Regularly Will Help It Grow Fast

Reality: False.

How often you’ve been cutting your hair has nothing to do with boosting its growth (1). The truth stands that hair growth occurs from the roots that are present on the scalp, and not on the ends of your hair. Therefore, frequent trimming has no effect on the roots. However, getting a trim will only help you get rid of the split ends in your hair. And when you’ve gotten rid of them, the hair appears to look longer. Split ends and dull hair make your hair look thin and less voluminous. So, the next time someone asks you to get a trim to ensure hair growth, you know what to answer, don’t you?

5. Washing Hair Regularly Will Rid The Hair Off Its Natural Oils

Reality: False.

What we’re trying to say is that you’re taking your scalp and hair to all those places where you’re taking your face. And just like how your face gets affected by the dirt and pollutants in the atmosphere, your hair and scalp gets affected too. The buildup of dirt starts on your hair and scalp and it’s very important to wash it on a regular basis because how else can the dirt and the dead skin cells be removed? Washing your hair is the only way to keep it healthy and clean after all. If you expose your hair to a lot of styling tools, then we suggest you use a more hydrating shampoo to wash your hair.

4. For Every One Gray Hair You Pluck, Two Gray Hair Grow In Its Place

Reality: False.

Firstly, if this was the truth then we would have a head full of gray hair. If you have those “mother nature’s highlights,” just flaunt them. The only effect of plucking gray hair out is that it can damage the scalp as a result of scarring. So your best bet here is to avoid plucking the hair out and flaunt them as they are or color them instead.

3.Stroking Hair A 100 Times In A Day Improves Hair Health

Reality: False.

A hundred hair strokes a day is your key to a lot of hair breakage and you can trust us on that. The idea is to brush your hair enough to help distribute the hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the lengths of the hair. Brushing your hair a lot will create friction on your hair and ultimately make it fragile and prone to breakage (2). It can also lead to cuticle damage, adds more stress to the already fragile hair follicles, and can also lead to hair thinning or hair loss in the long run.However, comb your hair once or twice a day, but don’t over do it.

2. Lather Your Hair, Rinse, and REPEAT

Reality: False.

Will you ever brush your teeth back to back twice? No, right? The same logic applies here too. Hair is extremely delicate it as it is. Shampooing it back to back in just one shower is like traumatizing your hair. Of course, if you think you haven’t been able to get rid of the hair oil which you so generously massaged onto your hair the previous night, give it another rinse maybe. Otherwise, kindly do not pay heed to such hair myths passed down by Tom, Dick, and Harry.

1.Male Baldness Definitely Is Inherited From The Paternal Side Of The Family

Reality: False.

This was the most hilarious hair myth we came across. And if baldness did come to men as a result of hereditary, it can also come from your mother, grandmother, father or even grandfather. It can come from anyone in your family!

That said, all we’d want to emphasize is that you should know what’s best for your hair. Don’t confuse yourself with myths. Be attentive to your hair and you’ll know what suits it best. Take care of your hair in a manner that you think is the best and do away with the hair myths.

Were you a believer of any of the aforementioned hair myths? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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