For Mac users, the Fn key has been a late addition but has several new shortcuts in recent updates. These include accessing Siri, opening emoji windows, and more. Users can enable these features by going to system settings and then the keyboard. The Fn key can also be used for functions like triggering Mission Control and accessing full-screen mode. Other useful shortcuts include opening the control center, starting dictation, and navigating through opened pages.

In addition, users can also make use of the Fn key in combination with other keys for various tasks like opening launchpad, hiding opened windows, and scrolling up and down. These new functionalities make the Fn key a handy tool for Mac users.

Revealed! MacOS has several hidden US keyboard shortcuts; know how to use them – Detail Points

– Windows users are familiar with the Fn key for shortcuts, but it was introduced late for Mac users
– Apple added several shortcuts to the Fn key in recent updates
– These shortcuts are not included in Apple’s list of keyboard shortcuts
– Users can explore the newly found MacOS keyboard shortcuts
– The current MacOS version has new Fn key capabilities
– Users can use the Fn key for regular work, language change, open emoji windows, and access Siri
– Users can enable Fn key features in system settings and keyboard options
– The Fn key can be used to trigger Mission Control and activate Siri with the Space bar
– Various MacOS keyboard shortcuts include opening apps from the Dock, accessing Control Center, starting dictation, opening the emoji bar, and accessing full-screen mode
– Other shortcuts include hiding windows, opening the Apple menu, accessing the Notification Center, and performing scrolling and page navigation commands


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