RIP Akanksha Dubey Last video before died | She knew it

RIP Akanksha Dubey Last video before died | She knew it
At the age of 25, popular Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey is said to have taken her own life. She made her acting debut in the Bhojpuri film Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, which is when she began her acting career. According to reports in the media, the body of the actress was discovered in a hotel room in Varanasi. A dancing reel was the last thing that Akanksha posted to her Instagram feed, which she did seventeen hours ago. A video of Akanksha dancing the belly dance to the tune of the well-known Bhojpuri song “Hilor Maare” was uploaded to Akanksha’s YouTube channel on Saturday. The actress can be seen recording herself in front of a mirror while she is dressed in a black top and blue jeans throughout the entirety of the clip. She maintained her cheerful demeanor as she grooved and showed off her dance moves. She had written, “Just try,” in the caption of the photo.
Her most recent post is currently being inundated with messages of condolence from her followers. The message “RIP Ma’am!” was written by one of them. What a terrible piece of news! Kaash ye just ho!” A third person added, “May he rest in peace! Bhagwaan aapke aatma ko shaanti de!” Someone else said, “Bhojpuri Queen! We will never get over how much we miss you! A devoted follower exclaimed, “Bhojpuri Queen, we are going to miss you!” Another one of them wrote, “May you finally rest in peace! Aapne Aisa kyu kiya?”

While the belly dancing video was Akanksha Dubey’s most recent post to Instagram, the actress had also been reposting fan Instagram stories of her latest song, “Lehenga Lehak Jaayi,” which is featured in the movie “Ye Aara Kabhi Haara Nahi.” Pawan Singh and Shilpi Raj have both contributed their vocals to the song. This morning, earlier in the day, the official music video for the song in question was made available.

Films such as Veeron Ke Veer, Meri Jung Mera Faisla, Fighter King, and Kasam Paida Karne Waale Ki Part 2 are some of the others in which Akanksha Dubey has appeared in the past.
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Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey, 25, allegedly died by in a hotel in Varanasi. She shared an Instagram reel hours before her death.

“Cricket Star” Presenting Video Song – RIP Akanksha Dubey Last video before died | She knew it ,

RIP Akanksha Dubey Last video before died | She knew it

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