Small Business Grants (similar to PPP and EIDL in 2023) | Federal, State and Private Grants

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Since 2020, the idea of getting a business loan or grant has been heavily publicized with things like

PPP, the paycheck protection program,

EIDL, the Economic Injury Disaster Loan

The people that were in position to receive large PPP loans and then get them forgiven hit the jackpot, receiving hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars, tax free.

Life changing amounts of money.

The reality is that in the US, our government wants businesses to do well.

Businesses employ people, they pay taxes, they innovate and they are the backbone of our economy.

So there are government agencies whose whole purpose of existence is to try to connect smart people to money so that they can fund their startup idea or grow their existing business.

So let’s get started, we will start with the biggest and most important ones and then later get into some of the more niche and lesser known organizations and grants.

While it might be tempting to dismiss the lesser known ones, the reality is that some of these are very easy to get into because people are not aware of them.

At the top of the list is the SBA, the Small Business Administration.

They do a lot to help small businesses in the US.

They were the ones who gave out the EIDL loans and the $10,000 grants that people received in 2020.

If you were a business and applied, you may have received $10,000 to do with as you wish that you did not need to pay back.

Even if you only had 1 employee, yourself, you could qualify to receive some portion of that money.

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The SBA also has a lot of classes and online resources to help entrepreneurs.

They can help teach you about accounting, taxes, marketing and a host of other things.

They can also help connect you with other organizations that provide grants.

The main thing that the SBA does is provide loans for small businesses.

“Wes Roth” Presenting Video – Small Business Grants (similar to PPP and EIDL in 2023) | Federal, State and Private Grants ,

Small Business Grants (similar to PPP and EIDL in 2023) | Federal, State and Private Grants

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