“Tange Tange” is a Bhojpuri viral song of 2024 sung by Ritu Chauhan. The lyrics are penned by Arjun Sharma, with music composed by Raj Gupta. The song is released under the label Ritu Chauhan Hits, available on Instagram. #rituchauhan #tengetenge #Funnydance

“टेंगे टेंगे” गाने की जानकारी: गाना – तंगे तंगे, गायक – रीतु चौहान, गीतकार – अर्जुन शर्मा, संगीतकार – राज गुप्ता, निर्माता – रीतु चौहान, कंपनी – रीतु चौहान हिट्स। अब उपलब्ध है इंस्टाग्राम पर। #rituchauhan #tengetenge #viral #funnydance #video

Song Details

Video: Tange Tange
Singer: Ritu Chauhan
Lyrics: Arjun Sharma
Music: Raj Gupta
Company/Label: Ritu Chauhan Hits

#Video | Tange Tange | #Ritu Chauhan | टेंगे टेंगे | Bhojpuri Viral Song 2024 | Tenge Tenge Song – Video

Tange Tange Song | Ritu Chauhan | Bhojpuri Viral Song 2024 – Lyrics
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#Video | Tange Tange | #Ritu Chauhan | टेंगे टेंगे | Bhojpuri Viral Song 2024 | Tenge Tenge Song

Available On Instagraam – https://www.instagram.com/reels/audio/424777606778077?igsh=MWxjMm5sbW4wbHBoeQ==

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► Album :- टेंगे टेंगे
► Song :- Tange Tange
► Singer :- Ritu Chauhan
► Lyrics :- Arjun Sharma
► Music :- Raj Gupta
► Producer :- Ritu Chauhan
► Digital :- Universal Media 6299832539
► Label / Company :- Ritu Chauhan Hits

► Company Brand :- Ritu Chauhan Hits
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