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DAY 3848(ii)

Jalsa, Mumbai               Oct 1,  2018               Mon 11:00 PM


Krishna Raj Kapoor .. the matriarch of the family .. the epitome of grace and dignity .. gentle and loving to all .. caring .. faultless in etiquette and family protocol .. she kept this vast family of celebrated individuals together as one bond .. 

her famous line to brides to be  : 

जब पति के घर, बहु बनकर जाना, तो यह सोच लेना , की तुम कैंची लेके जाना चाहती हो , या बुनायी के औज़ार  !!

when you shall go as a bride into your husbands home, you must decide whether you want to carry scissors with you or a pair of knitting needles .. !

scissors symbolising the cutting of relations in the new home and family ; knitting needles , to knit the family together  ..

Insisted that when she goes she wants to have the prayers conducted by the 4 faiths : Sikh Gurubani, Hindu Pandit schloks, Priest Christian from the Bible, and words from the Quran ..


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