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DAY 3857

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct 9/10,  2018                  Tue/Wed 3:24 AM

Birthday – EF Brijesh Mishra … Wednesday, October 10 .. our wishes and prayers for your special day .. love from the Ef


.. to laugh with another .. to laugh by the other .. to laugh, to laugh be the most exhilarating experiences of our living .. live then for it .. they come sparingly .. but they do come with strength and custom and free will ..


.. the anticipation of the coming shall ever be without direction at times .. but it shall come .. bring new life and new beginnings .. bring fresh and healthy thoughts .. be with them , remain in their ambience, their wisdom, sagacity and understanding … embrace the moment and hold it in .. it shall ever be pleasant forgiving and continuous ..


.. the moments of the greatest joy are the moments shared with the contestants on the Hot Seat .. their demeanour, their enthusiasm and love, their lives of the past and of the present, their struggles and accomplishments .. their stories of unabashed privacy .. their excitement of each step taken towards the ladder of wealth .. 

.. at times you never feel like leaving them and their circumstance .. they become a part almost of your countenance .. they breathe what you inhale .. they exhale what you exhale .. they become your intimate friend for those few moments spent together .. the feel for them to do well is ever present .. 

.. for the audience at the game show, it is the most important element .. their enthusiasm infiltrates the contestant and the conductor .. their voice is the voice of victory of disappointment of deprived winnings and the genuine cheer of accomplishment by another .. this is rare .. but is there ..


.. it is time to refresh the mind and body, for tomorrow evening shall be the launch officially of Shweta’s book ‘Paradise Towers’ .. and her Mother and Father shall proudly launch it .. there is pride in whatever the children do, but when it is done independent of the assist that most parents give their child, it is the moment of the greatest joy and happiness ..

.. if any desire her book do let me know .. I shall post or give her signed copies .. it shall be the  most deserving and fortunate moment for me .. 

no blank words these .. they are filled with the genuineness of my will and truth ..


.. I shall be with you in the morrow now .. 


Amitabh Bachchan

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