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DAY 3914

Rblu@Nagpur                    Dec 3,  2018                  Mon 11:06 PM

…  solitude and quiet .. another feel .. another location .. and one that shall remain for long .. long in days of work and attentiveness ..

.. settling in is an adventure by itself .. as one environ dissolves and another is thrust upon , it does bring with it not just the geographic change but one of temperament too .. where to place what, and how , where ..

.. far too rapid changes in environ location drifts the mind into an overdrive of confusion much like a modern day machinery or equipment .. and the way out has been prescribed often to shut down the power mode and reboot again .. it works ..

.. but the system of the human .. how to shut the power off and reboot ..

.. AN ATTEMPT  , here as follows :


.. shutting the computer off and waking it up in time ..


… and then walking it out to the new location ..


.. with the Ef ever present ..


.. thank you team …  the effort to get out and move is so insistent that we at times do not observe .. but with a million selfie cameras following each moment it is never going to be incognito appearance .. they shall be there all over .. no point battling with them, it cannot be resolved ..

.. memories would remain ever from the days of the young .. not of today’s present .. not even from the yesterday of the times .. yet of the past till age 14, or 15 or 16 .. it reveals with immense power and strength .. 

WHY ..?

.. excessive information at speeds of unnatural limits invading missile like leave a dent of perhaps not much damage .. because the next one erases the one just acquired and on it goes from there to wherever and ever ..

.. its interesting .. but is playing the devil in the mind ..

the CURE .. do away with communication device ..!!

Ya right .. 

.. and suffer the vacuum of indignity, by not being a part of the rightful club ..


Amitabh Bachchan 

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