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DAY 3915

rblu@nagpur                     Dec 4,  2018                  Tue 10:23 PM

The ‘matrushka’ doll of Russia .. a doll inside a doll, inside a doll .. and when questioned how many dolls, she was in, did she know .. the smallest doll replied .. there is a world within a world within a world .. do you know how many worlds you are in dear human .. !!!!???

Babuji was a visionary in his expression of this inspired poem after his early visit to Russia, then Soviet Russia .. and as you readjust your thoughts upon it , you cannot but realise the gravity of the repartee .. 

There is indeed a world within a world within a world about us and we are still unaware of its presence .. and the more one travels and discovers, the more one is driven to contemplation and thought and design .. 

It frightens us more as we discover that many of those unknown worlds exist about us .. blatantly, unashamedly and without a flicker of doubt .. 

Time .. it shall take time and shape .. to finally reach some conclusiveness about .. but the fear is that in that period of time, greater and vast encompassed worlds shall have erupted .. eclipsing the ones in prominence ..

The referral may be of little understanding at the moment, but in time to come there shall be a clairvoyance about it ..  

Of that later .. much later ..


its a departure for work .. and the understanding of the working of the maker director, Nagraj Manjule .. his reason and thought behind the film .. its relevance or its irrelevance .. and that shall be decided by those that witness the ultimate design when it is ready ..


I can contemplate and think on factors .. I can assess and reassess , I can deliver in absence or presence .. but the results shall only be the one that shall have the stamp of approval of the maker .. till then it is an effort to comply to obey and to take guidance from ..

For if not then this love and affection shall disappear :


.. some bytes for those in social order and considerations for outfits that fight evil done and posted .. they that work selflessly need the support .. 

give then to the needy .. 


Amitabh Bachchan

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