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DAY 3916

Rblu@nagpur                        Dec 5,  2018                     Wed 11:00 PM

.. and so it begins and the make up Deepak comes across after the first shot and announces : 

“ek aur meter down ho gaya .. badhai  ; एक और मीटर डाउन हो गया , बधाई”


.. there is that ritual exchange and words of encouragement or call it an odd discipline, when first days are given some divine embrace of a deed to be done in the remembrance of the Heavens .. for protection, for support and for its ultimate success ..

.. the coconut be broken , the imagery of the God Ganesh, given the respect of protection and then the beginning .. protection, preservation and providence .. that is all we seek , all the rest of it comes through some other force that awakens at the sound of clamming and record .. taken out .. as they would say at the time .. nikaal diya .. taken out .. canned .. or that was what was done in the time of film , celluloid film .. not anymore .. now its the chip with countless banks of repeats and consumptions .. any number ..

.. a boon to the modern makers .. a hindrance to most of us that have lived and struggled through the 60′s 70′s and the 80′s ..

why .. ??

well .. because the fear of expending the most expensive material on set – the film of .. as we would often say KODAK .. to save this most important ingredient, expensive and ever in short supply for its import and its duty .. 

.. with the digital there is never a fear of a cut or a retake .. unlike the earlier days when asking for a retake was a bended knee folded hands plead .. and still not given .. Hrishi Da used to say “ you pay for that retake if you want one” !! hehahahaha ..

.. also the ability of a director was gauged in film procedure .. he had to be absolutely planned out how the scene would edit and how to be shot at which angle and lens .. nothing could be tried or tested .. it was IT ..

NOW ..

its endless takes with endless angles, with endless lens change .. and endless retakes .. not so much from the artist, but more from the director, giving him as many options he wanted for his edit ..

.. for us that survived through the 60′s not messing up your lines was primary .. forgetting cues, lines, meant another shot, another exposer of film and another loss of a job for the next film ..

aah .. the age of exceedingly modern technology .. takes care of every possible issue or problem during the making ..


The millions of miles of information on events on opinions on observations on happenings on reviews and re reviews on dissent and ascent on what mine is and what theirs is on the mediums of plenty now so readily available and extended in its reach to every corner of the Universe .. 

IT IS TIRING .. and its consumption is the addiction worse than that of a drug infested in rehab existence .. strapped, immovable, conditioned and cautioned at each step, to repair damaged beings and to get them free of induction again ..

.. the space reserved for the more authentic thoughts that the cerebrum judiciously accommodates, has been pushed aside and usurped by the cyclonic ferocity of endless wordology .. if ever there was such expression !

.. bombarded and torn apart it now reflects a battle field aftermath .. where expressions sounds and any reflection of a life are unavailable .. the search for the expressions that need to be expressed is not even being found in the googled regime .. so .. 

time to say .. the obvious .. 

this is available and in design and form ..

Good night .. shubh ratri .. shabba khair ..  boa noite. ..  晚安 ..  buenas noches ... bonne nuit …  gute Nacht …. buonanotte….  おやすみなさい


Amitabh Bachchan … अमिताभ बच्चन 

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