What is the Insurance Industry Facing Challenges in Dental and Vision Care all About? | Benekiva

Host Ashley Oxholm interviews Benekiva Connect’s CEO, Brent Williams, and Jeff Russell, the CEO and President at Delta Dental. They discuss the challenges and changes the insurance industry will face in the next five years, particularly dental and vision.

During the conversation, the guests discuss how organizations can challenge regulatory constraints and innovate to better serve customers. They also talk about how Iowa’s Insurance Division has been supportive of innovations and how carriers can take risks to stay competitive. Additionally, Brent and Jeff explained how they strive to create direct relationships with their millions of members by utilizing digital communication, marketing automation strategies, and other advanced technologies.

The two explain that regulations are in place to protect consumers but suggest a more flexible approach to regulation is needed for further innovation.

Don’t Miss a Minute. Through their thought leadership and expertise in the field, Brent and Jeff provided insightful information about navigating these changing times in the insurance world, so tune in to The Benekiva Connects Podcast now! They briefly discuss how companies can help educate their employees on preventive programs such as dental and vision care.

Other subjects we covered on the show:

– Brent Williams and Jeff Russell discussed the differentiator between dental insurance and other product types, with claims processing usually being data-driven and processing up to 10,000 claims daily.
– Challenges carriers face are shifting their mindset from selling a product to improving health outcomes through digital technology.
– Jeff and Brent discussed the importance of not providing free proofs of concept to carriers and being able to say no to ensure a successful implementation.

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“Benekiva” Presenting Video – What is the Insurance Industry Facing Challenges in Dental and Vision Care all About? | Benekiva ,

What is the Insurance Industry Facing Challenges in Dental and Vision Care all About? | Benekiva

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